About Rebecca

Hi there. After 16 years of being in the aesthetic field, 10 of those being in medical aesthetics, I am excited to focus on my passion which is skincare. I loved owning the award winning Vida Spa in Milton which was a full service laser, medical and European aesthetic spa for over 14 years. After many years I took some time off to really consider the direction I wanted to go. With my 40's self introspection was key and I decided to devote my focus to my specialty as a facialist and started Breathe Skincare and Waxing Studio.

I have always loved the art of skincare. The treatments that are available to us are vast and can often be confusing. In a full service spa setting you almost have to stay in a box to keep offerings consistent between staff members, protocols etc. This sets limitations. At Breathe Skincare I want to abolish those limitations. With the intimacy of my skincare and waxing studio I will offer absolutely custom treatments. You won’t be pigeon holed into a menu. This is so important. The key to great skincare is to mix it up (stacking)…. Give the skin a shock once in a while to wake it up! I offer a very broad spectrum of BBL laser, Oxygeneo, Muscle Stimulation, Silk Peel Dermal Infusion, Diamond Microdermabrasion, peels and product to achieve this very effect. I look forward to sharing my experience, extensive training and secrets to help you achieve and maintain your skincare goals.

I have always considered hair removal a form of skincare. We need to treat the skin on our bodies with care and attention. While laser hair removal is amazing there is always the need to wax. It is more economical and while laser reduces the amount of growth by approximately 70% there is always that little bit left over that must be removed to get that perfectly smooth feeling we desire. My choice of waxes are from Europe which are exceptional even for the most sensitive skin. I offer this service in a professional, clean and private setting delivering fantastic results in a soothing environment.

There are many things that cause our body and spirit to age and the most common is stress. We must all deal with the pressures that our work, our families and society put on us. Because we cannot change our lifestyle, the most effective way to ease away stress is to enjoy a few hours being properly cared for and pampered in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, where you will receive the attention to allow you to feel reenergized .

I hope you all take the time to be good to yourself and Breathe…

Yours Truly, Rebecca